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Army to honor Rutgers’ Eric LeGrand with helmet sticker

The Eric LeGrand story has touched everybody in the college football world and everybody has ways of supporting LeGrand, who suffered a spinal cord injury in a game two weeks ago against the Army Black Knights.

To honor LeGrand Army announced today that they will wear a helmet decal on their own helmets for the remainder of the season starting this weekend. The sticker will have LeGrand’s #52 and a small “R” for Rutgers. Army coach Rich Ellerson stated that Army will be involved with LeGrand and his recovery process after Army’s season comes to an end against Navy.

Army's Eric LeGrand helmet sticker

During his press conference today Ellerson had the following comments about LeGrand to share;

“Our players and coaches have reached out (to Rutgers) like most of the football nation has. We’ve reached out to Coach Schiano and Rutgers and Eric (LeGrand). We’re on board with that. The thing that maybe sets us apart is that we’re up the street. Right now, they’re being overwhelmed with support and love. In the months to come, when the hard work is still going to be on-going, we’re in the for the long haul. Coach Schiano and I have spoken and communicated and will continue to do so, and our players have. Right now, they almost need a little space, but there will be a time when we can make our presence felt and maybe make a difference.”

“He’s down the road. We’re not strangers here to wounded warriors. We understand what may be in store for him. You just don’t know how this thing is going to unwind, but we do know that there is going to be a lot of hard work. This recuperation to recovery – to what extent that’s going to happen – is going to be ongoing for months to come and we’re in it for the long haul. We have a model for endurance here and an appreciation culturally and institutionally where maybe we can weigh in at some point and really make a difference, beyond the emotional support. Maybe we can do something at a later date so that we can contribute in a meaningful manner.”

The LeGrand stickers will not be unique though. As many as 16,000 high school football players in New Jersey will have a similar tribute on their own helmets this weekend thanks to a charitable effort by representatives from Riddell.

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