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Talking Jadeveon Clowney, NCAA Football future on The Pulse on Campus

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I spent a portion of the afternoon with my friends at The Pulse Network. I joined Ty Pyburn on The Pulse on Campus to discuss a couple topics, including the story I reviewed yesterday about an appeal hearing to be scheduled for today in Pasadena that may change the way the popular NCAA Football franchise is produced.

In case you missed my story and blog post from yesterday I’ll try bringing you up to speed real quick. Sam Keller, former Nebraska quarterback, sued Electronic Arts for using his likeness without his permission for a previous version of the NCAA Football video game franchise. Keller’s lawsuit won in court last year but today an appeal will be reviewed in Pasadena. EA argues that is the decision is upheld then the entire entertainment industry will be crippled moving forward. I’m not ready to go that far, but the NCAA Football franchise would take a bit of a hit in the realism department. Still, with the ability to edit players and rosters how big of a deal is this?

I join the show in the second half, and we touch on the hoopla surrounding the big announcement from Clowney, the nation’s top rated high school football player. In the first half of the show Pyburn talks with Zach Meisel, an Ohio State student who was grieving in the aftermath of the top-ranked Buckeyes men’s basketball loss at Madison (sound familiar?).

The Pulse on Campus can be viewed on The Pulse Network daily from Monday to Friday at 3:30 p.m. EST.

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