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Pac 12 reveals new logo in awful musical montage

Is this The Brady Bunch?

The Pac 10 is officially becoming the Pac 12 and today they released a music video to show off their brand new, redesigned, conference logo. That’s right. The Pac 12 used a music video showcasing a number of student athletes dancing, fist-pumping, flexing, and waving to the tune of some techno mix you probably would hear in a teen hang out.

First, here is a look at the new logo…

Pac 12

The decision to release the new logo through the social media outlets is not by coincidence. The same conference that is fighting with a Tupac fan over the domain for took to YouTube, Facebook and more to show off their new design because it is the fastest way to spread information. But was a music video really necessary to celebrate the changing of one number? Remember, the conference already updated their logo to incorporate the mountains, influenced by the confirmed additions of Colorado and Utah this year. All that is different now is the zero being changed to a two.

“With so many of our fans active on social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to create something that could easily be shared and we felt this would be a fun and natural way for us to launch the new Pac-12 mark,” Chief Marketing Officer Danette Leighton said. “We wanted to do something creative that allowed some of our student-athletes and fans to give the new logo life. We also wanted to reflect the enthusiasm that all of our institutions have for the Pac-12 becoming a reality this summer.”

I’ll leave you to decide whether or not this music video is a win or a fail…

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Uhhh... the same reason Stanford gets the Indian guy?


Major fail! Why does wazzu get the ugly goofy fat guy?!