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Spring Cleaning: Big East, ACC Media Guides & more

All must go one way or the other

ACC and Big East media guides

(Almost) Everything must go!

So I have rearranged my working space and have decided to part ways with a bunch of clutter. One of the biggest space-wasters in my office area is an abundance of college football media guides and programs that I have accumulated over the past year. Rather than dump them all in the dumpster I decided to see if anyone was interested in anything I may be ready to throw away.

Big East and ACC fans, this is targeted to you.

I attended Big East and ACC media days last summer and came home with a collection of reading material. To be brutally honest, I rarely used them as I found most of the information I ever needed was found on the Internet, but I kept them because they looked cool. So if anyone out there is interested in having me send any of these to you let me know.

PRICE: I’m going to issue a flat rate of $20 for any one of the listed programs or media guides. That should cover my having to buy an envelope and shipping charges, not to mention the gas to get to and from the post office. You can pay me via Paypal (preferred) but be sure to contact me (Twitter or e-mail – cfbexaminer[at]gmail[dot]com) with your inquiry before doing anything else to make sure I still have what you are looking for. I will ship anywhere in the United States.

DEADLINE: Whatever I do not get rid of by April 15 I will be depositiing in the trash, so if you want them then you are welcome to roam through the dumpster at your will.


ACC – 2010 Media Guides

  • Boston College
  • Clemson
  • Duke
  • Florida State
  • Georgia Tech
  • Maryland
  • Miami
  • Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • Wake Forest

Big East – 2010 Media Guides

  • Louisville (hardback)
  • Pittsburgh (two available)
  • Rutgers
  • South Florida
  • Syracuse
  • West Virginia

Big Ten – 2010 Media Guides

  • Indiana
  • Northwestern

Pac 10 – 2009 Media Guide (yes, 2009!)

  • UCLA
  • UCLA Bowl media guide
    UCLA items can be shipped together and cost for combo will be $30

2010 Game Programs ($10 each, includes shipping)

  • Penn State vs. Youngstown State (September 4)
  • Temple vs. Central Michigan (September 9)
  • Temple vs. Connecticut (September 18)
  • Penn State vs. Temple (September 25)
  • Penn State vs. Illinois (October 9)
  • Penn State vs. Michigan (October 30)
  • Temple vs. Ohio (November 16)
  • Indiana vs. Penn State (November 20 @ FedEx Field)

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