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Conference power rankings debut on Bleacher Report

As part of the College Football Editorial Team on Bleacher Report I mainly focus on Penn State football. But form time to time I’ll dip in to some national college football discussion.

Today I posted the first of my college football conference power rankings for the 2011 season. I will be ranking each conference throughout the 2011 season based on my own opinions on the conferences and using on-field performance as the main criteria. As I note, I will update the power rankings on a few occasions rather than on a weekly basis (preseason, weeks 4, 8 and 12, pre-bowls and post-bowls).

As you might suspect, the SEC took top honors in the debut power rankings. I have the Big Ten and PAC 12 nipping on the heels of the SEC, edging out the Big 12 in ironic fashion. If there is one conference I feel I ranked a bit high, it is the Mountain West Conference. With TCU and Boise State, the MWC has two teams that could legitimately make a run for a BCS game, which puts them above the likes of the Big East and ACC in my book. But they could drop quickly if non-conference games don’t go their way during the season.

As a reminder, I do not include independents in this power ranking.

You can view the preseason power rankings here, and lave your comments with your thoughts here or on Bleacher Report.

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