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NCAA Football post of the day – Dynasty mode video

Previously posted on May 20, 2011

The ever-changing landscape in college football is about to be included in the next installment in the NCAA Football franchise from EA Sports. NCAA Football 12 will allow gamers to edit, expand and modify each conference in the game, which should help in ensuring the game can keep up with the pace of the real-life sport in an era when changes are coming in college conference realignment.

IGN posted some new details about the game on Thursday. The information revealed states that this year’s game will provide deeper customization within the dynasty mode, including the ability to modify a coach’s looks and background information, the ability to modify existing conferences, and the opportunity to take your online dynasty practically anywhere you go using an Internet connection.

This year there will be multiple changes in college football with the Big Ten adding Nebraska, the PAC-10 becoming the PAC-12 with the additions of Colorado and Utah, the Mountain West Conference adding Boise State, and the Big 12 dropping a conference championship game with their losses. Next year some more changes will take place with TCU (and at least one other program) joining the Big East. Those changes will not come installed in your standard dynasty in NCAA Football 12 but it appears that the game will allow you to make some appropriate changes by providing the power to move teams from one conference to another and not being forced to replace the lost team with another school. In previous versions of the game a school could swap conferences or would be removed from the schedule making all together.

Not this year, according to IGN.

“This year, you can do whatever the hell you want. You can take the Big 12 and drop it down to four teams or go nuts and crank it up to 16,” IGN editor Greg Miller writes. “You can set it so that your conference only plays weekday games, name the divisions, and even mess with who gets to go to which bowl. NCAA Football 12 gives you the keys and lets you drive the game wherever you want it to go.”

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