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Podcast Episode 051: BYU to the Big East?

Brett Hein from The Upset Blog

You want a pairing that jumped out of nowhere in the last 24 hours? Try BYU and the Big East on for size.

Deep Shades of Blue, which I am told tends to have a decent level of credibility behind it (honestly this is the first time I have checked the site out), posted a good amount of information about future BYU scheduling, which included news of agreements to play Wisconsin, USC, Nebraska, and possibly even Penn State in the works. With BYU ditching the Mountain West Conference this upcoming season the Cougars are hard at work in securing lucrative match-ups n football in order to successfully venture in the the world of an independent.

Toward the end of the post a reference to the Big East was made, which has caused a stir in the Big East Internet world here, here and here. In it we are informed that the Big East approached BYU with the idea of joining the league as a football-only member but the administration at BYU turned down the idea.

Brett Hein from The Upset Blog was kind enough to join the podcast for his first appearance and run through the news that the Big East made contact with BYU. There really is little to get too excited about as the Big East was just doing their homework in exploring possible candidates to fill the tenth football spot in the conference moving forward, or possibly one of the 12 spots as Big East Coast Bias references.

Once we get through discussing the merits of a BYU-Big East partnership (or lack of), we dive in to the Mountain West Conference and their next phase of change. BYU and Utah are gone and TCU has one foot out the door. Boise State is ready to play and they’ll be bringing old WAC foes Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii next year. So is this conference better off now than they were last year, or two years ago? Does this conference deserve a BCS bid like the Big Ten, SEC, PAC-12 and Big 12 receive? How does this conference compared to the Big East, who is gaining TCU next season?

For everything that is happening in the Mountain West Conference, one thing is certain. They are way ahead of the WAC in terms of being relevant in college football. The WAC will lose four of their biggest members by the start of the 2012 season and the conference is scrambling for members to take their place. When the best options you have are all currently playing at the FCS level, and one of them (Montana) has turned you down, what does that say about the stability of the conference?

We touch on both conferences a bit and talk about some of the teams that should be considered on top of the evolving, or devolving, conferences out west.

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