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Auburn championship rings revealed

SEC, BCS and NCAA championship rings awarded to Auburn. Photo credit: Emory Blake via Twitter

Auburn wide receiver Emory Blake shared some of the first looks at Auburn’s championship rings on Twitter, so here is a glimpse of the rings the players received. Auburn received a ring for winning the SEC championship (defeated South Carolina in the SEC title game), the BCS Championship and the NCAA championship (defeated Oregon in the BCS championship game).

Sure, it may have been a controversial season with Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton’s father being linked to orchestrating a pay-for-play scheme at Mississippi State, but these rings will serve as a permanent reminder of the team’s success during the 2010 season no matter what may happen later down the line with Auburn’s championship status.

Championship rings are fun and cool. The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York has a display of World Series championship rings on display. But no matter what stock we may put in to championship rings, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says they are done being cool. Cuban wants to find another form of championship paraphernalia to award his NBA champions. I’m sure the players will love whatever Cuban comes up with, but players play their whole careers for a ring. Hopefully Cuban realizes that at some point.

As a commenter on Kegs N Eggs reminds us, these rings do not contain real diamonds as NCAA rules limit the cost per ring to be between $400 and $500. That means these rings have some fake diamonds in he mix, unlike championship rings in professional sports which can cost thousands of dollars.

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