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Podcast Episode 060: Buckeyes chatter with Zac Jackson

Zac Jackson from Fox Sports Ohio

After speaking to so many people this week, one thing has become clear.

Ohio State is a huge mystery in 2011.

Zac Jackson from Fox Sports Ohio joined me on the podcast today to discuss the Buckeyes and while our team may have been brief it did not take long for me to discover that Jackson feels the way I do about Ohio State. They have plenty of talent to get through the first few weeks of the season, even with key players serving suspensions (or decided to go pro), and if they can weather the storm, which will include Hurricanes, then they should have a realistic shot to be a force in the Big Ten.

But will they have a chance to play in a postseason game? That remains unknown at this point but Luke Fickel is preparing for the season with that being the main objective. Jackson and I each have taken a look at Fickel over the past couple of weeks and I am interested to see how he does during his year as an interim coach. Will he be sticking around for 2012, or is this a one-and-done term for him?

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