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Podcast Episode 074: Talking fantasy college football

Chris Morgan from

How valuable is Geno Smith in fantasy college football? He would be a nice pick-up if available says Morgan. Getty Images.

Let’s be honest, we love fantasy football. Who doesn’t play? The only problem is this upcoming fall we are still unsure if there will be NFL football, which figures to be a bit of bad news for companies who thrive on fantasy football websites, previews and news. Never fear, for college fantasy football can be just as good.

I may not know a whole ton about college fantasy football and how much different it is from the NFL game I have played numerous times before, but I had some suspicions coming in to this podcast conversation with Chris Morgan from

One suspicion I had is that even though a player may be considered the best pro prospect at his position (Andrew Luck), it does not automatically make him the top player to go after in the fantasy college football world. In some cases it could be a tremendous mistake. Having said that, I don’t think it is possible to call drafting Luck a mistake, whether it be in real life or in fantasy.

Another is that some positions are more valuable in the college game than they are in the pro game. The fact that the two games are played differently and have a much wider range of players to select from make putting together a game plan in professional fantasy football different than any game plan in college fantasy football.

But to be sure I had to ask the expert.

Be sure to listen to this podcast if you are preparing to play some college fantasy football this fall, and I will try to bring Morgan back on a more regular basis this season to help out with your fantasy strategies and more.

And that’s not all! I’m going to be running a college fantasy football league this fall and you are invited to join! We will be getting started with week one of the season and the league is open for up to ten members, myself included (if there is interest we can start up a second league). To join the No 2-Minute Warning league simply go to, sign up for a free account and join the league using the information below:

League name: No 2-Minute Warning

League access code: N2MW2011

UPDATE: The first league filled up but there appears to be enough interest for a second league. I will have a separate prize for this league champion. If we fill up a second league we will evaluate the need for more leagues. To join the second league use the following information to get set-up:

League name: No 2-Minute Warning Liga

League access code: gostate1

You can pull players from all FBS schools. More details will be made available later, but I should be able to have some form of prize for the league champion. We will also update the league status on a weekly basis right here. I am hoping to have more on that by this time next week, so stay tuned!

If college fantasy football isn’t your thing, I understand. Stay tuned for more games as I will be organizing a college football pick’em group as well, which will have separate prizes. More on that as the details become available!

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