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The Pulse on Campus: Talking realignment winners and losers

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Originally aired June 30, 2011


Today was a big day for college football and the rest of the collegiate athletics world as the realignment process finally took its course. Nebraska is now a Big Ten member. Colorado and Utah have joined the Pac-12 (it’s officially called that now). Boise State has joined the Mountain West Conference. And BYU has entered life as a football independent.

And this is just the beginning. TCU will join the Big East next year and Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii will join the Mountain West Conference. And who knows if the Big East will have a plan for a 12th member at that time or not.

I had a chance to join The Pulse on Campus on The Pulse Network on Thursday to discuss the recent changes and start to put together the pieces for the upcoming season. Is Nebraska entering the Big Ten as a favorite, at least in the Legends Division? How will Utah fare now that they have a chance to compete in a conference that receives an automatic BCS berth? And just who is the favorite in that re-branded Pac-12? I still say Oregon has the upper hand for now but I can not wait to see how the new rivalries develop in the conference now that division play is being implemented.

Airs Monday-Friday at 3:30 p.m.

Host Ty Pyburn and I reflect on a number of those topics and talk about some of the effects the realignment has one the rest of the college athletics world, most notably in the Big 12. Despite some negative effects from losing Nebraska (and Colorado), the Big 12 still has one of the teams many will consider to be a BCS championship favorite, and I include myself in that mix. The Oklahoma Sooners are worthy of the hype and I give a sneak peak to who I think is going to be the favorite for the other spot for the BCS Championship game, much to a certain producer’s chagrin*.

The video may seem a little jumpy form time to time above, and unfortunately I lost my Internet connection right at the end while discussing the Sooners as a BCS favorite. Or perhaps that producer had some technical tricks up his sleeves since I was not hyping up his Florida State Seminoles…

In any event, it was great to be back on the show to talk some college football. I always enjoy getting a chance to join the show and hopefully we can continue setting things up for the 2011 season.

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* Hey Kyle, you know I’m high on the Seminoles but I just think it will be a year before we start really seeing them be a contender.

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What are you talking about tech tricks, you lost complete power haha. And I agree with you, let Savior Manuel have another year under his belt as a started and we got it in the bag then.

Kevin McGuire
Kevin McGuire

Ha ha. The video looked a little jumpy to me at times when watching it. Maybe it was my Internet connection Kyle. In any event, my power was out for a minute. Figures! Always good being on. Look forward to the next time.