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The Pulse Network Sports Buzz: Texas A&M and the SEC

Originally aired August 15, 2011

On Monday I was a guest on Sports Buzz, on The Pulse Network, to discuss the latest news regarding Texas A&M and the SEC. We talked about the latest news regarding the hold up of adding Texas A&M to the SEC and what options the conference has. We also talked about the ramifications adding Texas A&M, and potential ACC schools, to the SEC will have not only for the SEC and Big 12, but also for the rest of the college sports scene.

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I went on record saying that the future that involves super regional conferences is something that concerns me. I went in to a little more detail on this concern in today’s podcast and I will have more on this tomorrow on, but the basic thought I have is that in no way would mega conferences be good for the sports of college football. To me, any time you take away an opportunity for a player to win a championship, you lose something special in the game. I almost sound like I’m echoing the statements shared by BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock in defending the current bowl system, but the argument is the same. Going to massive conferences of 24 or 32 teams takes away an opportunity for East Carolina, Troy, Florida International and Nevada to win a conference championship. To me, that is reason enough not to root for super conferences, and I have not even gotten in to the BCS vs. playoff debate yet.

Nor will I, today.

This was my first appearance on Sports Buzz on The Pulse Network, although I have talked with host Ty Pyburn a number of times on The Pulse on Campus, which replayed this segment on today’s time slot as well. Sports Buzz is usually hosted by Butch Stearns by Pyburn was filling in today. They usually save the college sports stuff for Pulse on campus by this Texas A&M story was too big to not include in today’s episode of Sports Buzz. Sports Buzz airs Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Eastern on The Pulse Network.

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