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College Football New Years Resolutions

Some simple advice for teams, coaches, fans and more

As we are fresh in to the new year (Happy New Year everyone) you may have been thinking about some personal resolutions for 2012. Some of the most common resolutions people make are to lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, cut back on the frivolous spending and so on. But what resolutions do college football fans, players and caches make? That’s what I’d like to know. Wouldn’t you?

Learn to manage a clock better?

Learn the value of a balanced offensive scheme?

Improve recruiting relationships?

Win a conference title?

Change the uniforms, or change them back?

If they are willing to listen, I have shared some recommendations for resolutions for some of the biggest names in college football. Feel free to add your own in the comment section below.

Wisconsin Badgers – Find a way to win a game in the final seconds following an official video review. Two losses this season, including yesterday’s Rose Bowl, were decided against them following a video review. First was the Michigan State Hail Mary in East Lansing and second was the confirmation that Russell Wilson did not spike the football before the game clock expired in the Rose Bowl.

Chip Kelly – Find a way to go for four points after a touchdown. You know he’d do it.

Casual college football fan – Give some original thought other than schedule before saying Boise State stinks.

Texas A&M – Steal the name Texas Southern, to fool nation in to thinking you have that southern SEC speed.

West Virginia – Make amends with the Big East. When all is said and done, it’s better to have at least some friends in your region

Boise State – Blue turf, blue uniforms… blue goal posts?

Al Golden – Stop wearing a tie to the beach.

Steve Spurrier – Stop wearing visors to bed.

MAC – Embrace #MACtion, and make it the official Twitter hash tag for all weekday games.

David Shaw – With Andrew Luck heading to the NFL, now might be a good time to consider a new position.

Maryland – Consider sponsoring Project Runway, and hire the winner (actually…)

Michigan – You are Michigan. You don’t need to play games with your uniforms.

Charlie Weis – Come to grips now that every game your new Kansas players will NOT have a decided schematic advantage

Big East – Consider a new name for the football portion of the conference.

Big Ten – Show up for bowl games on January 1, 2013. The Big Ten went 1-3 yesterday and needed Georgia to help blow a game to allow Michigan State a chance to win the Outback Bowl.

Jim Delany – Lay back on the smugness. Or don’t, so long as you have the Rose Bowl.

“Sources” – Keep your mouth shut! We’re all tired of your false information.

Penn State – Establish leadership that has a clue between right and wrong. Moving on…

Larry Scott – Open up a media network in Asia so a new continent can experience the fun that is Mike Leach.

Mike Leach – Learn to speak Chinese.

Gary Danielson – Cut back on the stumping for the SEC. Everybody knows they are good.

SEC – Continue to win BCS championships, send five teams to the BCS games.

And finally, a couple serious recommendations for all college football fans, no matter what school you root for, if you are a hard core or a casual fan…

Don’t buy in to preseason hype – Let some games be played before you form your own, unique opinion about the 2012 college football season

Remember, these are just games and students – Despite all of the money that is thrown around in college football (and we’re not even touching the booster issues), this is still a game being played by college students. It is not life and death, and students will make mistakes on (and off) the field. Let these kids enjoy and live through their experiences, good and bad, without adding any extra pressure to it.

Embrace all other levels of college football – Chances are most of you reading this are fans of a big time program. That’s great, but remember that the students playing FCS, Division 2, Divisions 3 and NAIA football are working just as hard at what they do. Take a week out of your fall to check out a nearby small-school football game. Sit in the stands, soak in the pure college football atmosphere without the hoopla of TV cameras, attractive sideline reporters, and blaring rock music through the speakers. At the heart of it all you will find college football at its most innocent state. Do it just once in 2012 and see what you think.


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