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Is this Alabama’s BCS Championship ring?

Is it real, or fake?

Awaiting confirmation, or denial…

Is it real, or fake?

For now we’ll file this under the “Unconfirmed” category. Why? Well because it has only been ten days since Alabama knocked off LSU for the BCS Championship. That seems like an awfully quick turnaround to me for a championship ring. Or is it?

Alabama knew for a month they would be playing in the championship game of course, so it would not be too far-fetched to think that someone started putting together a prototype for Alabama’s potential championship ring. Perhaps someone at LSU did the same thing. And given the way the BCS Championship game unfolded maybe someone at Alabama submitted the design to the jeweler before the game concluded.

Until we get a clearer image, or see a player tweet an image, this will remain unconfirmed and carry a certain amount of doubt with it. It could be real, or it could be a hoax.

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That's their 2009-2010 ring. That's the ring the school and/or sports program paid for. They received a ring from the BCS also. So, they received two rings commemorating their national championship. They also got a ring for the SEC championship they won that year too. So in total, they received three rings. Here is a link to that picture.


That's 2009 ring.