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Toby The Van visits the Fiesta Bowl

Meet Toby The Van. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North AmericaMeet Toby The Van. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

Stanford may have lost the Fiesta Bowl, but this fan had a winning tailgate

I don’t even need to see the rest of the tailgate party for this Stanford fan. His beer tap coming straight from the van is enough evidence for me to say this was a tailgate party worth stopping by.

Meet Toby The Van. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

A little extra investigating revealed that the van has a website, which is partially seen on the side of the van. Turns out the van itself has a name, Toby The Van, Twitter and a Facebook page! So what’s packed in to this mobile tailgating icon? Judging by the picture alone, because the website offers no specifics, we have a DIRECTV dish on top and a flat screen TV on the same side of the van as the beer tap (observed on the website), and some speakers on top of the van, presumably for some music, or perhaps for TV audio (?). I dig the large Stanford logo on the back of the van, which will make it known just what school the party is supporting, and it looks like there is some kind of travel map or timeline on the side as well. I need more information on that.

Kudos to you Stanford van fan.

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Dear Toby and his ever-so-kind-driver, You seem like a hip van because you have a huge sound system and a tap coming out of your side, but I think it might be time for a little pick-me-up. May I recommend upgrading that old obtrusive dish for a Tailgater? It is not from Direct, but it is from DISH and it is the lightest portable HDTV satellite system on the market. It is the easiest satellite that can have service turned on and off as you go out to games and come home for a rest! It manages 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i display resolutions, which is pretty advanced considering that the little dish needs no mounting and it weighs only 10 lbs. My tailgating truck is not as cool as you are Toby, but I live by the Tailgater I got from my job at DISH. I hope you have a great season, Toby, and do not hesitate to look up the Tailgater because you might like what you see! - Sincerely, a Fan

Marisa Juarez
Marisa Juarez

Were you not present at the taking of this picture? YES the speakers are for awesome tailgate music! ;) They also have a microphone attached for making announcements, such as new keg has been tapped! Also, the "timeline" is actually a roadtrip map of all the cities Toby stopped in last year for the Orange Bowl, Toby the Van's first Bowl trip. You should talk to Wade Gupta for more details ;)

Kevin McGuire
Kevin McGuire

I actually was not there, but thanks for the information!