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Helmet rumors of the day: North Carolina (Win) & Florida (Fail)

HT: @InsideCarolina

North Carolina shows off white helmet

It is that time of the year again in college football. Without games to look forward to all we have leading up to the NFL Draft are uniform news and rumors. This morning I was made aware of a couple of helmet designs that caught my eye. One I like, the other I am reluctant to accept overall.

North Carolina was showing off a white helmet with a tar heel blue logo, which new head coach Larry Fedora supposedly hinted was going to make an appearance in 2012. Have a look…

HT: @InsideCarolina

Upon seeing this helmet I was quick to give it a thumbs up. Not many schools can pull off a white helmet look as an alternate but I’m willing to give North Carolina a chance here. It is essentially a reverse color scheme of their traditional helmets and there isn’t a whole lot of crazy stuff going on here. We don’t have the addition of ram horns popping out the side of the helmet, or even in similar fashion to Colorado State and the St. Louis Rams (I was thinking old St. Louis Rams design with a lighter blue).

My only fear with this helmet is that it will be paired with an all-white uniform, and that is something I think North Carolina should avoid at all costs. Place this on a regular home uniform though and let’s talk. But I just know that North Carolina is going to organize a played out “White Out” for a big home game (Virginia Tech game, I’m looking at you). Let’s just wait and see.

I must say, the white helmet is even more appetizing to my palette after seeing this gray-helmet design with a blue logo.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Florida Gators and their possible blue helmet, with the word “Gators” slapped on the side. Have a look after the jump…

HT: Flickr user PermanentRecord

HT: Flickr user PermanentRecord

First of all, I do like the implementation of the gator skin pattern on the helmet. If you remember, Florida had a similar pattern on their orange 2010 Pro Combat helmets. the pattern actually comes off looking more distinct in the dark blue color scheme compared to the traditional orange helmets. The blue helmets are a tribute to Florida’s 1960’s helmets, which were blue with either a white number or white circle with orange logo inside. Perhaps this would have worked, if the “Gators” text was easier to read. By artistic design, orange is difficult to read on most background colors, especially blue for some reason. I would be curious to see what the traditional “Gators” font would look like on this helmet, with a broader white outline of some sort.

Not much is known about this helmet of course, but the question will once again be what kind of uniform will be worn with this helmet, if in fact this helmet will make an appearance in 2012. An all-blue uniform? Yeah, probably.


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