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Marcus Hyde’s NFL Draft Training Journal: Mock combine day

Marcus Hyde discusses his mock-combine experience. Photo courtesy of CAA Football Blog.

There is more than one NFL combine going on

Marcus Hyde discusses his mock-combine experience. Photo courtesy of CAA Football Blog.

William & Mary’s Marcus Hyde was a previous guest on the podcast (listen here). Now he is giving us a look inside his life as he trains in hopes of getting a shot to play in the NFL. This is his second entry. Read his previous entry here.

Today was our mock combine day. The main point of it was to get used to how disciplined and quick everything was going to be. As we went through it (trainer) Shane [Sykes] would go out of “scout-mode” and back into “coach-mode” and tell us we shouldn’t be joking around as much or wasting time not stretching out and getting warmed up. Given it was the end of 4 straight days of lifting and running we were all sore and a little beaten down. Not many of us got any times we liked.

Shane did say yesterday that we would get a little frustrated at our times because we always want to get our best times no matter what but we were really pushing it hard this week and we just wouldn’t be as fresh for it. I was however really happy with my bench press reps after doing heavy bench twice that week. I managed to get 13 reps after doing such hard lifts throughout the week and surgery.

The one thing that stuck out in my mind was Shane’s advice about pro day, it’s all about YOU. Whenever you have time you need to be stretching out and warming up and getting mentally ready because if someone else runs a great time, that doesn’t help you get drafted. You need to have a positive attitude and a sense of urgency about you while you go through the drills and are waiting to go next.

I feel like today was a little eye-opener into what it feels like to actually be IN a combine, I’ve always watched the guys on my team do their pro days, never actually participating. I know I’ll be nervous because of all the people I don’t know and all the scouts being there but you have to stay relaxed and focused on the end result. I know I’m fast and can kill these drills, I just have to be ready to on March 14th!

In training its easy to stay relaxed and run some great times but once you have everyone’s eyes on you its a whole other world you’re in. Your adrenaline’s pumping and your amped up and ready to get after it the whole time. I just can’t wait to see how it all goes down in a few weeks and it’ll feel good to actually feel fresh for once in 5 weeks. We start tapering down the workouts and making them easier on our bodies so we can now build on the times we have and get our legs back under us. We also will start filming everything to see what we look like when we do the drills and that’ll help guys like me, who are more visual, see what they’re doing wrong.

Ready to get it going! I’ll keep everyone updated!

-Marcus Hyde

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Jim Callahan, '68, Pst Chrman, TC
Jim Callahan, '68, Pst Chrman, TC

Dear Fellow TRIBE fans: Marcus Hyde, I believe also he threw the Shotput, and Basketball as well as, I understand, played tennis also at Osbourne Park H.S. in Manassas, Va. A family friend of ours Pete Stricklin is ths Head Womens' Tennis Coach there and said that Marcus was a Special Talent and great person who would have an opportunity to play in the NFL. Any insider word on Jonathan Grimes, Alex Gottleib, and Jake Trantin's chances. The last two both played well in that East/WEst All Star game in Texas. Did Jonathan receive an All Star invite anywhere? Can't wait to see how the QB Compettition unfolds between Jake Caprio, Michael Graham, Raphael Ortiz and Christain Brumbaugh this Spring. Abdul Sabol, the RF QB, has been moved to Running Back per Sandy Fagan. Best Always, JIM/JC3