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Mad Men of college football

Imagine being in a room with this group.

In honor of the return of Mad Men, tonight on AMC, I asked Twitter for their suggestions of college football’s Mad Men. The Photoshop above was what resulted.

Don Draper: Urban Meyer, Ohio State

Like Don Draper, Urban Meyer is a smooth talker. When a pitch needs to be sold, Meyer will know how to deliver. Like Draper, Meyer has battled his own issues away from the job that distracted him from time to time from committing full-time to his work.

Roger Sterling: Les Miles, LSU

Roger Sterling is a little more over the top than Don Draper and has a little bit more of a wild side to him it would seem. He is every bit as good as Draper when it comes to getting the job done but head to head it still seems as though Don gets the last laugh. Comparing Miles to Urban Meyer might result in a similar story.

Pete Campbell: Lane Kiffin, USC

Pete is good at his job and he knows it. He is also not afraid to challenge his superiors and test just how far he can go with some ideas, even if it leads to some risky outcomes. If that does not describe Lane Kiffin, what does?

Bertman Cooper: Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech

Bert Cooper is the elder statesman of the advertising company, although he rarely plays a vital role to the success of the business. Still, he is very wise and will shed some insight when a calm voice needs to be heard. He is respected for his many years in the industry, without question. Frank Beamer is much the same way, now the elder statesman among college football coaching ranks, Beamer may not be the best at what he does, but his many years of service and past accomplishments have been respected by all. When Beamer speaks, people will listen, but other coaches will continue to lead the way when it comes to ultimate success.

Lane Pryce: Nick Saban, Alabama

Lane Pryce has a solid understanding of what it takes to manage the advertising agency, and he knows how the business works. Despite his decided expertise, he often tries to stay out of the larger picture when he can, but is known to enlighten when it is appropriate. Without Lane, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would be unstable. Like Lane, Nick Saban is a master of his craft and is unlikely to offer much in terms of quotes, but that does not mean he doesn’t have anything wise to share.

Lane also struggled to manage his loyalties between his home in England, his family and his position with the firm. Saban, of course, has been known to be on the move when it comes to his job with stints. But when they find a successful position that allows them to do some great things, Pryce and Saban make it all work and come together.

Feel free to add on your suggestions for some of the other characters in the show.

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