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Marcus Hyde’s NFL Draft Journal: Improving times, mastering drills

Marcus Hyde gives us an update on his nfl training. Photo: William & Mary Athletics

Hyde makes his final preparations for Pro Day at William & Mary

Marcus Hyde gives us an update on his NFL training. Photo: William & Mary Athletics

William & Mary’s Marcus Hyde was a previous guest on the podcast (listen here). Now he is giving us a look inside his life as he trains in hopes of getting a shot to play in the NFL. Read his previous entry here.

Hello everyone!

My pro-day training cycle is over! Today we concluded the eight-week training session with Shane Sykes. It was a great experience to go through and words cannot describe how happy I am with the results so far. Pro day cannot come soon enough!

We closed out the week with some non-timed 10’s on Thursday just to get the form down and our usual technique work. We went into the weightroom and tweaked the workout some, in fact, Shane likes to refer to this last week as “Tweak Week” because he’ll add or subtract little workouts or technique work here and there so we get the best benefit out of it. It seems to be working as I keep improving at a ridiculous rate so far.

Our “bench assault” was basically warm up and do 225 as many times as you can and then work our way down to 135, burning out each set. I got my new personal best on the bench press post-surgery with 15 reps! It felt great to get that. Friday was our easiest day to date. We came in and warmed up and all that was on the menu for the field was 2 shuttles and 1 three cone drill. I felt great today and it showed, getting new personal bests in both. Got a 4.09 on the first shuttle and then a 4.06 on the second one. We moved over to the 3-cone and I can honestly say I mastered that drill now. I remember coming in and getting over 7 seconds and just thinking it’d be nice to be in the 6.95 range. Today I ran a blazing 6.65! I’ve been able to get a lot of my times on video too so I can see what I did right or wrong and improve on it.

I used to be so frustrated with the 3-cone but now that I figured it out I can’t wait to do it at pro day. This weekend will consist of many cold tub sessions and stretching. Shane comes down to Williamsburg Monday and we’ll just do a shuttle and 3 cone or two on the game field at William & Mary to see how the turf feels and then stretch down. I’ll let you guys know whats going on in my head and body before pro day, and then the big day! More ready than ever! Talk to you in a few days!

-Marcus Hyde

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