Marcus Hyde’s NFL Draft Journal: Pro day reflections

Pro Day at William & Mary is in the books

Marcus Hyde got a chance to perform in front of NFL scouts at his pro day. Photo: William & Mary Athletics.

William & Mary’s Marcus Hyde was a previous guest on the podcast (listen here). Now he is giving us a look inside his life as he trains in hopes of getting a shot to play in the NFL. Read his previous entry here.

Hey everyone,

Pro day is finished! I had mixed feelings about it, but that’s basically how everyone feels about it.

Everyone wants to hit personal bests on everything and sometimes you just don’t. It really is all about what the scouts want to see too. One of the guys before me slipped on the NFL shuttle and got to do it again and I slipped but wasn’t allowed to, sometimes that’s just the way it goes. I still got good times but didn’t feel like I hit personal bests.

I was most impressed by the bench press because I got 17 reps post-surgery! Some guys in my position didn’t even get that with no injuries. My favorite part was the position drills at the end, I feel like I had great drops and it felt really fluid, hopefully I turned some heads there being a 250 lb defensive end.

Now training is going to be more position specific and I’m going to start looking at some CFL try outs just to get my name out there more. Hopefully everything works out! Without a doubt I’m going to keep working my butt off and try to play anywhere I can, I just love playing football too much to quit now.

Thanks for reading!

-Marcus Hyde

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