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Marcus Hyde’s NFL Draft Journal: The pros and cons of sodium

Marcus Hyde updates us on his training. Photo Credit: CAA

Hyde shares some tips about gaining weight at the right pace

Marcus Hyde updates us on his training. Photo Credit: CAA

William & Mary’s Marcus Hyde was a previous guest on the podcast (listen here). Now he is giving us a look inside his life as he trains in hopes of getting a shot to play in the NFL. This is his third entry. Read his previous entry here.

Hello again everyone,

This week was a great week to get better. Just finished our last workout of the week and went out with a bang!

To recap the previous days, we did our usual 40 work by doing some more 10 yard splits, I’m currently in the process of finding the right starting position for me, I think I may have found it as I got a 1.48 second split and then a 1.52 on the 10’s we did. We scaled back the workouts a little bit but everyone seemed to still be really sore throughout the week, today included.

Tuesday we were all so sore Shane [Sykes, trainer] just sent us home after our field work, no weight room lifting. That way we could rest up and get ready to attack Thursday’s workout. I found out how much work we actually do with Shane in regard to how much recovery time our body needs. I figured since we had an easier day Tuesday it wouldn’t hurt to go out on the field on Wednesday and run through some drills and catch the ball a little. Turns out that was a horrible idea as Thursday was one of my worst days yet. I also hadn’t noticed how much sodium I was taking in during my day off and the morning of, I usually drink a ton of water and since my body kept it all in I ended up weighing 261 Thursday morning!

Now, I’m all for gaining a little weight but that was for sure too much too fast. I felt all of that extra weight throughout the workout, it was like lugging around a 10 pound sled, and my 40 times showed it. When Thursday’s workout was finally over I made sure I cut out the sodium but continued to drink lots of water. I also wanted to have a better day today, Friday. Since the training room was closed I decided to make my own Cold-tub at home. I filled the tub with freezing water and made myself sit in that for about 15 minutes, my legs felt a lot better after. The next morning I did the same thing but with hot water, that way my legs would be warmed up and ready to go for training. Turns out it worked great as today was probably one of my best days.

I came in and weighed myself, back down to about 253 lbs, which is where I want to be. Physically I still felt sore but I was able to get moving and get some awesome times on our 3-cone and shuttle day. Managed to get a 6.79 and a 6.89 on the 3 cone, which Shane was very happy about. Then we went over and did shuttles and I got a 4.13 first go even though I stumbled a bit coming out of the second turn and Shane just said to sit down and rest until we hit the weight room. Finished up with [triceps] burn outs along with inverted rows and called it a day. Great end to a tough week.

Now we move into Spring break, so no school to think about, just working out and resting. We’re scaling it back even more next week so I’m anxious to see how much more my times can drop! Until next time.

-Marcus Hyde

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