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Uniform Madness: No. 2 Oklahoma State silver jersey vs. No. 15 Utah military tribute

Wyoming Bracket: It’s like Halloween

In the Wyoming Bracket of 2012 Uniform Madness we have one of the newest members to uniform insanity going up against a military tribute.

We start with the reigning Big 12 champions, the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

No silver lining here...

After going through the process of re-branding their athletic teams, complete with a total uniform overhaul from the folks at Nike, Oklahoma State attempted to emulate the success Oregon has had with their Nike branding. Perhaps it worked as Oklahoma State rolled through the season to a BIg 12 title and Fiesta Bowl victory.

There was one glaring misstep in the new uniform attire for Oklahoma State, and it was the silver jersey.

Oklahoma State did have some sharp uniform combinations this season, including black jerseys and helmets that actually worked, and fresh-looking orange jerseys. But the silver jerseys, as seen against the Ragin’ Cajuns, were best kept in the locker room. Of all the uniform combinations Oklahoma State had to choose from in 2011, anything with the silver jersey was worth wearing.

It is not in the selection committee’s interest to belittle any sort of military tribute that schools choose to orchestrate, but sometimes a tribute can have a glaring problem. Take, for example, the Utah Utes‘ military pride uniform worn recently.

Utah military tribute.

Utah gets credit for adding fatigues to the design in honoring the troops who serve our country over seas, there is no disputing this. The use of the terms “Integrity” and “Honor” also gets a polite nod from the selection committee. But why, we ask, did Utah feel the need to go all-black for the rest of the uniform?

Was it to honor those who lost their lives serving the country? If so, then Utah also gets another nod of approval from the selection committee. But the committee wonders if the same kind of tribute could have been served with a red uniform, which Utah is more accustomed to wearing. Sometimes even the most appropriate tributes can fail to truly honor those it is intended to pay tribute to.

The selection committee felt Utah’s military tribute uniform was worth mentioning, but appreciates the intent. As a result, Utah receives a low seed and will wait to see how the fans respond.

So, which uniform was the worst? Cast your vote below and send one of these get-ups to the second round. Voting will continue through Thursday night, with polls closing at 11 p.m. EST

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