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Uniform Madness: No. 3 Wyoming vs. No. 14 Virginia Tech Pro Combat

Wyoming Bracket: The perennial favorites look to hold off upset bid

The Wyoming Cowboys look to represent well in the Wyoming Bracket of 2012 Uniform Madness withand will look to hold off an upset from one of Virginia Tech’s recent uniform disasters.

All yellow? NO!

We all know about the Wyoming uniforms by now. For years they have been the victim of insults when addressing uniform styles, and it is easy to see why.


Brown is not a real flattering color, nor does it resemble strength or pride to many in college sports. So you can understand why Wyoming has had some dismal uniform designs over the years. As far as bad uniforms are concerned, Wyoming is Kansas basketball – always a strong candidate but not necessarily the top contender.

The truth is, the selection committee bought in to some of the national hype and tradition of mocking Wyoming jerseys. Some on the committee felt the hate for Wyoming uniforms was slightly exaggerated, and Wyoming may actually be sseded too highly in this bracket. But they get the number three seed and get to stay in their own bracket. From here on out, it is up to the people to decide if Wyoming deserves the seed or not.

For the purposes of this tournament, we are pitting Wyoming’s all-yellow uniform, accompanied by brown helmet, for your consideration. Consider it the Akron of Wyoming’s uniform choices.

Virginia Tech's 2010 Pro Combat

Looking to score the upset are Virginia Tech‘s Pro Combat uniforms from 2010, another victim of trendy bashing in the election committee’s opinion. While the Hokies have shown up on game day in a number of uniform combinations worth criticizing, their 2010 Pro Combat jerseys are still brought up today, more than a year later, when discussing uniforms that just don’t seem to work.

Virginia Tech’s jerseys were actually pretty well thought out for the purposes of the Nike Pro Combat uniform process, incorporating a computer chip-like design in the numbering, but from the stands or on television the intricate details of the uniform were lost to the viewer.

Virginia Tech’s 2010 Pro Combat uniform may not have been the worst offender of uniform design, which is why it gets a relatively low seed in this tournament.

So, which uniform was the worst? Cast your vote below and send one of these get-ups to the second round. Voting will continue through Thursday night, with polls closing at 11 p.m. EST

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