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Uniform Madness: No. 7 Florida State all-black vs. No. 10 Cal all-yellow

Pro Combat Bracket: Black and yellow, black and yellow…

Hopefully by now you have taken in the Maryland, Wyoming and Oregon brackets in the 2012 Uniform Madness Tournament and cast your vote for the worst of the worst. We continue with the Pro Combat bracket.

Florida State committed an all-black violation.

Florida State actually presented a pair of uniforms worth reviewing by the selection committee, but ultimately the all-black uniform combination was the winner (loser?) according to the committee for an at-large berth.

We have addressed all-black uniforms multiple times already, with Stanford and Duke, as well as Kentucky and Rutgers. the basic rule is when you have a program that does not adopt black as one of the official school colors, and try to suit your team in it, it is a violation of uniform code. The worst part is, Florida State is not a program that needs to sink so low to generate a buzz. For a program like Florida State to stoop so low is something the committee does not look kindly upon.

The Seminoles should stick to their maroon jerseys and gold pants. the only thing worse is pairing this uniform with a black helmet, thus ruining one of the top uniforms and helmets in the college football world.

As much as we dislike the Florida State black jerseys, the Cal all-yellow jerseys are just as guilty of violating one of the basic rules of he uniform code.

No yellow uniforms!

All yellow uniforms? You know the rules...

We cannot be too harsh on cal, because they do have yellow as an official color, and the yellow jerseys Cal tends to wear are the least offensive of the yellow jerseys we have seen in other places.

Cal’s yellow uniforms is not as bright and in-your-face burning your retinas the way West Virginia’s are. Still, the selection committee would prefer that Cal mix in a little more blue to the uniform when they can, rather than dress head to toe in yellow. Blue pants or a blue jersey would suffice.

Just avoid going with a yellow helmet, Cal. Do that, and the selection committee is willing to work with you on your yellow uniform crisis.

So, which uniform was the worst? Cast your vote below and send one of these get-ups to the second round. Voting will continue through Saturday night, with polls closing at 11 p.m. EST.

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