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Uniform Madness: No. 8 Michigan vs. No. 9 Notre Dame, Adidas throwbacks

Maryland Bracket: Which throwback should be thrown away?

Traditional rivals collide in a first round match-up of epic proportions in the 2012 Uniform Madness bracket.

The idea was pretty cool at one point in time, but that was well before anyone had a chance to lay their eyes on the final designs. While not the most egregious of concepts, Michigan and Notre Dame would have been better suited, well, in a different suit.

Catch "M" if you can!

On the one side we have the Michigan Wolverines, adopting a look inspired by the olden days of football, before uniform numbers were needed on the front of the jerseys. Michigan has one of the all-time best uniforms and helmets in college football so naturally any change would be cause for alarm. But when you add numbers to the helmet, in addition to the top corner of the chest, things start to get a little out of hand.

We are not here to spit on history, or a tribute to the olden days of football, but Michigan was supposed to wear these uniforms once and be done with it. While the “M” jerseys were note worn again, the Wolverines did fall victim to wearing the shoulder stripes and helmet numbers later in the season. For the purposes of our bracket we pit blame on these threads, which served as the inspiration for cluttering up one of the top uniforms in the game.

Michigan wore those uniforms for their first prime time game in Michigan Stadium. Notre Dame, playing the role of visitor, joined in the uniform craziness by breaking out their own throwback tribute, designed by Adidas. At first glance, these uniforms were not all that bad, until we take a look at the helmet to see a goofy-looking shamrock plastered to the golden dome of the Golden Domers.

So, which uniform was the worst? Cast your vote below and send one of these get-ups to the second round. Voting will continue through Thursday night, with polls closing at 11 p.m. EST

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