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Episode 113: The John L. Smith Debate

Aaron Torres discusses Arkansas hiring John L. Smith

Is John L. Smith the right call for the Razorbacks? Getty Images.

In the history of American civilization there have been some top-notch debates worth noting.

Nixon vs. Kennedy.

Coke or Pepsi?

Great Taste! Less Filling!

Nintendo or SEGA?

Whether or not Arkansas hiring John L. Smith will ever reach those high standards in the history of great debates remains to be seen for sure, but we’ll take a stab in the dark that it will not quite reach elite status. That’s OK, because we will just throw in to the closet full of college football debates that may be more appropriate anyway.

By now you know that Arkansas named former special teams coach John L. Smith as their interim head coach, just months after Smith accepted the job at FCS Weber State. You know how I feel about it, which I reiterated on the radio last night. One of my college football pals has a different read on the situation though, so in the interest of being fair and balanced (FOX News’d) I decided to have him on to share his viewpoint. Aaron Torres, co-managing editor at Crystal Ball Run, spent some time with me this morning breaking down the pros and cons of Arkansas hiring John L. Smith.

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