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Uniform Madness: Maryland upsets Maryland!!!

Maryland’s yellow jerseys voted worst uniform of all

According to your votes, Maryland's yellow jerseys are the worst of the worst. Photo: Maryland Athletics.

Sometimes a Cinderella team can win the big prize at the end. Maryland’s yellow jersey uniform combinations, a five-seed out of the Oregon Region, have stunned Maryland’s much-maligned state pride uniforms, the tournament’s top-overall seed from the Maryland Region, in the championship round of our Worst College Football Uniform Tournament. You, the readers, voted the yellow jersey combo from the Terps to be worse than the State Pride uniforms? Honestly, I don’t know what you are all thinking, but this is a democratic society and the votes were counted by an independent source, so c’est la vie.

Maryland’s yellow football jerseys received 56.67 percent of the votes in the championship round over the course of the week. Quite frankly, this is a significant upset, because I actually kind of like Maryland’s yellow jerseys (fully aware that it violates the Yellow Uniform Code). So why so much disdain for this particular uniform compared to the one that actually looks like two separate uniforms sewn together in a middle school home economics family and consumer sciences class?

Maryland’s yellow jersey reached the championship round by knocking off Colorado State’s own yellow jerseys in the Final Four, Pittsburgh’s 2010 Pro Combat uniform, Stanford’s all-black uniform, and Virginia Tech’s orange helmet uniform combo.

From here we will begin to put together the 2013 Worst Uniform Tournament, which will begin next March with a full 64-uniform tournament. Until then the selection committee will review the profiles of all eligible participants for the next tournament. With Missouri showing off their new uniforms over the weekend and Eastern Michigan ready to sport a new uniform assortment as well, we know we are going to have a number of uniforms to review for the 2013 tournament.

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