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Episode 114: Florida State’s internal ACC vs. Big 12 debate

Florida State appears to be heading to the Big 12. Photo: Getty Images.

Adam Tolliver of maps out Florida State’s future

Florida State appears to be heading to the Big 12. Photo: Getty Images.

Will Florida State head to the Big 12, or will the Seminoles come to believe the grass is greener in the ACC? All eyes are on the Noles right now as they represent the next looming domino in conference realignment. After a wild weekend in which Board of Trustees chair Andy Haggard lit a fuse on an ACC bomb, it may just be a matter of time before Florida State folds up their ACC banner and raises a Big 12 flag.

But who would be Florida State’s proverbial dancing partner to do the Big 12 two-step? Clemson? Virginia Tech? Notre Dame?

If and when Florida State and perhaps one other school make the decision to leave for the Big 12, what will the ACC do in response? Will those UConn and Rutgers rumblings gain traction once again? Will the SEC start to pick up a scent and go in for a kill to their most significant regional conference rival, perhaps by extending an invitation to Miami or NC State?

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. Florida State is still in the ACC, for now. But if this goes the way things seem to be rolling, get ready.

On the podcast today (dated for May 15, 2012), we bring back Adam Tolliver, who covers the Seminoles for We discuss what the likely future is for the Florida State program, take a look at who makes the ultimate decisions and the complicated and perhaps inept organization of leadership within the Florida State hierarchy. Tolliver shares his take on what will ultimately happen with Florida State (spoiler alert: don’t expect the Seminoles to back down now) and what kind of ripple effect it could potentially have for the ACC.

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