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Morning Bump and Run [5.10.2012] – Skip Holtz hangs out with fans on Google+

South Florida's Sip Holtz took advantage of technology to reach out to fans. Photo: US Presswire

South Florida, Skip Holtz try out Google+ with fans

South Florida's Sip Holtz took advantage of technology to reach out to fans. Photo: US Presswire

South Florida head coach Skip Holtz took some time to answer questions from fans yesterday afternoon in a Google+ hangout. This coming in the same week we saw Washington State head coach Mike Leach hold an open forum on Reddit. Quite the week for coaches taking to the internet. What’s next? Lane Kiffin checking in on Foursquare on recruiting trips?

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany does not think non-division winners should be included in any sort of playoff plan being put together. At first I would tend to agree with that concept, and I think the chances would be pretty good that it would not be too much of a problem in years to come. What happened last year with Alabama really was a rarity. I do not think you absolutely need to win a conference to be included in a playoff, but I do think you have to at least win your division if your conference is split up that way.

As one of the few people who actually uses Google+ (add me to your circles) on a daily basis I have to say I loved how Holtz met with fans to answer questions yesterday. The hangout feature is a really neat feature and I hope South Florida decides to do this again sometime. If a coach would set aside 30 minutes a week to meet with fans on Google+, I know I would be checking it out.

Staying on the topic, and in the Big Ten, Wisconsin‘s Barry Alvarez has his own idea for a college football playoff. Here is another proposal to consider.

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin was a guest of John Finebaum‘s yesterday on the radio. Sumlin discussed the impact Texas A&M’s move to the SEC has had on relationships with other schools in the state of Texas, and suggests that now student-athletes in the state now have more options than ever before.

Rick Neuheisel has a Pac 12 job again. Neuheisel was hired as a on-air personality by the Pac 12 Networks. Also hired to be some of the faces of the conference TV networks? Ronnie Lott and Summer Sanders.

The ACC extended their partnership with ESPN through the 2026-2027 season.Cha-ching.

Oklahoma suspended four players for violation of team rules.

Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle is for sale.

Who wouldn’t want to get a dose of MACtion for $4.50? That may be the best deal in college football.

UConn and UMass will kick off the season on August 30 at 7:30 p.m.

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