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Episode 120 – Mountain West Conference fans get their playoff wish granted, but is it too late?

Jeremy Mauss from SB Nation’s Mountain West Connection

Utah’s Sugar Bowl victory against Alabama served as a rally call for postseason change in college football.

I must admit that since I started following college football on a larger scale, in other words more than just Penn State, one of the conferences I have really enjoyed paying attention to has been the Mountain West Conference. I have long been on board the bandwagon for the underdog champion teams from this conference when paired up against the big, bad uglies form the power conferences such as the Pac 12, Big 12 and SEC etc. Who doesn’t love an underdog? Well, besides this guy at least.

When Utah finally crashed the BCS party a few years back I was pulling for the Utes against Alabama, I am not afraid to admit. I thought they made for the better story, which is what I was hoping to see end with the happy ending. When Boise State met Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, I cheered on the Broncos for the same reason. I never got fully invested in the Hawaii story for some reason, so my rooting interest against Georgia was not as strong, but you could spot me on the bandwagon for TCU in the Rose Bowl last season and crying foul when the Horned Frogs were paired with Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Now the Mountain West Conference, and every other conference, has a chance to legitimately compete for a national championship under the new four-team playoff scheme being hatched by the powers that be. It may be a small fraction of a chance, but it’s a chance.

Joining the podcast for this episode is the manager from Mountain West Connection, Jeremy Mauss. With the college football postseason news still fresh on our minds I asked Mauss for his initial reaction and whether or not the four-team seeded playoff is the best alternative or not for the Mountain West Conference. Would he like to see more teams in the mix? Also, with so many changes happening in the conference this year with realignment (TCU leaving, Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii coming in) and more changes on the way (San Jose State and Utah State joining in 2013), where exactly is the conference heading now? Are there more changes in store? Is there a chance Boise State could stay put instead of leaving for the Big East next year, forcing San Diego State  to stay put as well?

And the big question remains. Is Boise State still the team to beat this season, or can someone creep up and take them down this fall in conference play?

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