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Sponsored: What would you include in a college football themed scavenger hunt in Los Angeles?

This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

The folks of Kia set up two couples from Ohio and San Francisco, plopped them in the middle of Los Angeles with nothing but a clue and keys to a Kia Rio. Their mission? Using only their search-mobile and its features, track down and meet R&B and pop singer and all-around superstar Christina Milian.

As you can, the scavengers had to utilize the features of the Kia Rio, including the UVO Technology which allows the driver (or preferably the passenger) to get directions to locations, adjust the camera display and even make use of the Bluetooth and USB features. I have to say, my next car will definitely include USB functionality, so I can plug in my electronic devices and charge them on the go, or maybe even pull up some podcasts and listen to them through my car speakers. This would be my favorite feature, and I think in time it will be standard in all cars.

While I was pulling for the Ohio natives, Brad and Britney, I figured they would be no match for the San Francisco pair of Leonard and Gina. Knowing the L.A. area a little bit clearly gave the Californiansa home-field advantage against the first-time visitors.

I’m not so sure I would drive around a city I have never been in before in search of Milian. But if Lane Kiffin was on the oher end of the search, then we may be talking…

This all got me thinking what god spots in Los Angeles area would there be for a college football-themed scavanger hunt. Some obvious choices would probably include the L.A. Colisuseum and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Perhaps a hidden nugget in the USC trophy room or perhaps Matt Barkley’s favorite burger joint. And if you could find someone wearing a throwback UCLA jersey with Troy Aikman’s name on it, you might get ahead in the college football Los Angeles scavenger hunt.

What else would you add to our Los Angeles college football scavenger hunt? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

To learn more about the Kia Rio, visit the Rio Explorer Page.

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