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2012 Big East Clambake: Rutgers blows away outbound Syracuse

Temple has respectable showing in clambake debut

Syracuse enjoyed their final clambake in the Big East Monday night in Rhode Island, but it was Rutgers who walked away with the conference title this year. Rutgers consumed 30 lobsters tonight, an incredible increase over their 2011 total of just two. Meanwhile, Syracuse was breaking multiple school records with 20 lobsters digested as a team, and 7.5 each downed by linemen Justin Pugh and Zack Chibane (according to Troy Nunes is a Magician‘s crack staff).

As is tradition it seems, the Big East players , coaches, and media and more cleaned out the Eisenhower House staff of lobsters before the bellies were full. Imagine what could happen next year when the conference bumps up to 12 members with the additions of Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU, Central Florida and Memphis. The Big East better start looking for more lobsters.

Keep in mind, these are unofficial numbers, and we are taking the players at their word.

  1. Rutgers – 30
  2. Syracuse – 20
  3. Temple – 15
  4. South Florida – 12
  5. Connecticut – 7
  6. Louisville – 6
  7. Cincinnati – 5
  8. Pittsburgh – 2

Of course, each school has a different number of players here for the media day festivities. Here is a look at how each school ranked with lobsters consumed per student athlete (rounded to nearest hundredth).

  1. Rutgers – 7.5 lobsters/player
  2. Syracuse – 4
  3. Temple – 3.75
  4. South Florida – 3
  5. Connecticut – 1.75
  6. Cincinnati – 1.67
  7. Louisville – 1.5
  8. Pittsburgh – 0.67

In their final Big East Clambake, Syracuse held their own to say the least. Pittsburgh on the other hand, will leave the clambake for a buffet of ACC-themed lunch items next year hanging their heads in shame. It should be noted that two of Pittsburgh’s player representatives, including running back Ray Graham, are “not seafood guys,” as they phrased it. That put the pressure on safety Jarred Holley to do all he could. Pittsburgh took home the team title last year, consuming 14 total lobsters.

New Big East member Temple made a respectable debut at the clambake, downing a total of 15 lobsters, and averaging 3.75 lobsters per student athlete. Both marks finished third in the conference.

One other miscellaneous note to share. San Diego State Athletics Director Jim Sterk was on hand as well. Asked how many lobsters the Maine native  handled during his brief stay for the Big East media day circuit, he confirmed just one. Representatives from other future Big East schools could not be tracked down for confirmed lobster counts at this time.

The Big East clambake ends the first informal day fo the Big East Media Day schedule. A golf outing held earlier in the day takes place as media, players, coaches and more from all around the conference make their way to the touristy and scenic Newport, Rhode Island. Things get started early on Tuesday though with the formal release of the preseason media poll and the interview sessions.

For more on the lobster counts, be sure to check out Troy Nunes is a Magician, which always does a fantastic job covering one of the treasures of Big East Media Days. With Syracuse moving to the ACC next year, I guess I’ll attempt to carry the torch moving forward.

Be sure to follow official Big East coverage from the Big East website, and our friends  at Big East Coast Bias as well for more media day commentary and more.

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