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First impressions of Vanderbilt’s new uniforms, white helmets

Photo: Vanderbilt Football Twitter

Vanderbilt introduces the white helmet

Photo: Vanderbilt Athletics

Vanderbilt made a little bit of a splash by hyping up the formal introduction of their new football uniforms. A banner advertising the unveiling at a Barnes & Noble book store a week ago got many Commodore fans excited and eager to see what new look their football team may be suiting up in for the 2012 season.

Vanderbilt started things off slowly by showing off what appeared to be just minor tweaks to their existing home and road uniforms. Nothing too special. But then they kept coming. First the all-black uniform, including black helmet. This look

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had been worn before and was featured in the previous banner advertisement for the unveiling.

Then came the gold combinations. Black pants with gold uniforms and black helmets. Gold pants, gold jerseys and gold helmets (Ick).

Then came the white helmet. Yes, Vanderbilt now had the attire to organize a gold-out, blackout and a white out. I fully expect we will see them all at some point this fall.

Photo: Vanderbilt Football Twitter

Initial pictures on Twitter make it a little tough to pick up on the finer details about the new looks, but according to Vanderbilt there are several key changes that incorporated in the 2012 design:

  • For the first time since 1994,”Vanderbilt” will be displayed on the front of Commodore jerseys. The name will be in all caps above jersey numbers.
  • A gold “anchor” emblem adorns the homeplate or front “V” neck of all jerseys. Last year, the Star V logo was stitched there.
  • “Anchor Down” text is stitched in the interior of each jersey neckline.
  • Nike’s iconic “flywire” stitching is incorporated into the high impact shoulder area of each jersey.
  • The gold jersey top features black shoulder coverings, black lettering and black numbers. Last year, the gold jersey had white numbers.
  • All jerseys have an updated circular SEC patch stitched over the right breast. The Nike swoosh is over the left breast.
  • Star V logos will adorn each hip of the pants. In 2011,a lone Star V logo was located on the left front of the uniform pant.

I have said before that I am no fan of the all-black concept but there are some schools that can pull it off. Vanderbilt is one of them, but I happen to think their new all-white combo is even better. Sure, it is gimmicky and trendy, but I really like Vanderbilt’s white helmets. I still prefer the gold helmet but the white helmet should look pretty good on TV when we get a chance to see them.

You did well Vanderbilt. I’m not a huge fan of the gold jerseys with black shoulders, but overall I see little to really complain about here.

What do you think about the new Vanderbilt uniforms? Share your first impressions in the comments below.

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The all white uniforms are on par with any in the nation, no question.