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Maryland remains kings of uniform stupidity

Maryland not shying away from State Pride

Nebraska and Wisconsin made a solid run. Notre Dame gave it their best try. No matter what uniform combination is worn by any school’s football team this season, the true champions of the uniform design fashion fail will once again play in College Park, Maryland.

Why is it that Maryland hates us? Or are they simply just trolling us with their fashion faux pas?

That’s right folks, Maryland State Pride is returning for another season.



Maryland is trolling us, right? Photo: HGI

The above image was shared by Hydro Graphics Inc. on their own Facebook page with the following message:

“Back for more in 2012! Getting ready for the new season MARYLAND PRIDE is alive and kicking”

Hey, good for HGI. They do some high quality work and this is not their fault, as far as we know. These are the same folks who have done the paint job for Army,  and the Syracuse and Oregon liquid metal helmets. I will say once again that I’m not totally against the helmet design for Maryland, if we stick to one side of the state flag (and preferably the red and white side). Unfortunately Maryland’s state flag is a mixed back of designs and patterns, and the football team feels a need to include as much as possible.

Sorry Maryland. I was hoping time would heal all wounds here, but that does not appear to be the case.

No word on when these helmets will once again see the light of day.

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