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Wisconsin’s alternate uniform unoriginal, uninspiring

Photo via Wisconsin Athletics

Montee Ball deserves better, so does everyone else

It’s one thing to come up with an alternate uniform that looks as bland as a quick custom uniform design in NCAA Football ’13. It’s another to practically copy and paste what another conference rival did and change a couple of color patterns.

On a day that will live in college football uniform infamy, the Wisconsin Badgers, a program that has built a solid reputation as a Big Ten power and ready to try and take things to the next level on a national stage, showed off one of the worst college football uniforms we will likely feast our eyes on this fall.

Photo via Wisconsin Athletics

The Wisconsin uniforms are practically a palette switch of the uniforms that will be worn by Nebraska for the two schools’ September 29 game in Lincoln. Yes, they will wear these uniforms in the same game, which is good for the rest of us as we only have to break the Visine for one game as opposed to multiple games. Or perhaps we’ll skip this otherwise very intriguing match-up all together.

Earlier in the day we got a look at Maryland’s new uniform set for home and road games, which was explored over on Crystal Ball Run. While I dig the actual jerseys and pants, the new helmet takes last year’s running joke in college football and takes it to a new level.

Adidas is piling up on potential entries in to the 2013 Worst Uniform Bracket, that much is certain.

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Andy Coppens
Andy Coppens

While they may not be super flashy or anything like what you see of out Nike at least they are also a nod to the past for the Badgers. The block W is something all Badger fans know and is a nod to perhaps the best team Wisconsin had before the Alvarez era, the 1962 team that played the best Rose Bowl game of all time. I like that they went that way. I do like that they went with Red Helmets as it's something haven't seen much of at Wisconsin. Having said that, I'm not the biggest fan of the W on the chest. It just looks tacky in my book. However, since their full release a few hours ago I will say they are growing on me.