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Mississippi State bulldog helmets copy Boise State style

Photo: Mississippi State Athletics

Bulldog helmets on the way!

There are some days when I say to myself, “You know, some of the uniforms designed by Adidas aren’t all that bad.”

Then I quickly get hit with a sledgehammer of reality when I realize Adidas needs to just stop trying to imitate Nike, yesterday.

The latest fashion crime comes from Mississippi State, where the Bulldogs football program has been given a pair of new alternate uniforms to wear later this season. The latest TECHFIT uniforms both come in white but one will be worn at home. First is the “Battle for the Golden Egg” uniforms, which will be worn against rival Ole Miss in the annual Egg Bowl. The uniform isn’t all that bad, with a standard road white look with gold numbering and lettering in honor of the golden egg trophy awarded to the winner.

Then there is one of the silliest helmet designs to hit college football season, which will be worn against Texas A&M…

Photo: Mississippi State Athletics

Are you done laughing yet?

Clearly the bulldog logo helmet is a rip off of the Boise State helmets Nike designed as part of the Pro Combat line recently (they eventually became the standard helmet for the Broncos). In fact, when I first saw this helmet I thought that somebody from Adidas had picked through the trash of the Nike offices and stolen a concept helmet design initially drafted for Georgia. You know, the kind that get spread around on the Internet every year. That is where this design should have stayed because it honestly just looks ridiculous.

You can view the helmet and more of these new alternate uniforms in the photo gallery below.

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  1. Mississippi State bulldog helmets copy Boise State style #sblog

  2. Or a rejected Georgia design by Nike RT @No2MinWarning: Mississippi State bulldog helmets copy Boise State style #sblog

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    Or a rejected Georgia design by Nike RT @No2MinWarning: Mississippi State bulldog helmets copy Boise State style #sblog

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