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Crazy high school behind the back two-point conversion

The Bouquet Toss craze traces back to 2009

This morning I happened to be watching Sportscenter when they showed a bizarre two-point conversion from a high school football game in California. Rather than kick an extra point and force overtime on the final play of the game the team had their holder (also the quarterback, fake a handoff to the kicker and hurl the football over his shoulders, and have a receiver catch the surprise no-look pass. The pass is

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completed for a stunning two-point conversion and the game is decided.

I was going to share that video here but I did not see it available from ESPN’s YouTube page and I forgot the names of the high schools involved in the play this weekend. But here’s the thing. I happened to find another high school two-point conversion executed the same exact way from this weekend in a completely different game, seemingly from two weeks ago.

Check this out, with Tumwater High School’s Jayden Croft flipping over his shoulders to Jaime Bryant for the two-point conversion.

The fact that this same crazy play took place in two completely different games could be a strange coincidence, or it could be that the game featured on Sportscenter could have been a copy cat of this specific play. But if you dig a little deeper, you will learn that this play was also executed by Bethel College back in 2009 in NAIA action (after the jump)…

Can anyone find any earlier occurrence of this QB over the back lob play in a football game? If so, please share! In the meantime, be sure to check out these top plays from week five of the college football season.

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