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Northern Illinois fans to ESPN: Suck our oranges!

It is safe to say ESPN did not handle the fact Northern Illinois clinched an automatic spot in the BCS with what you and I would call class. I would highly advise you to check out Matt Yoder’s rant and reaction on Awful Announcing, because quite honestly that sums up my reaction as well as anybody’s to the initial response form some of ESPN’s college football analysts.

Is Oklahoma or Clemson a better team than Northern Illinois? Sure, they probably are. To me though, Northern Illinois played by the rules and met the requirements needed to earn an automatic spot in the BCS. I thought the Huskies had too far up to move in the BCS standings in the final weekend of the season so I was stunned to see they were able to sneak in following their MAC championship win over Kent State. Nebraska’s tire fire performance in the Big Ten championship game certainly was not expected and helped the Huskies, as well as UCLA and Texas losing.

Rather than embrace the Cinderella story for Northern Illinois, many seem to be using it as an excuse to continue kicking the current BCS model on its way out the door (following next season). You will not get any of that from me. I was firmly on the Kent State band wagon specifically to see a MAC team in the BCS. Remember, I thought Northern Illinois had too much ground to make up to get in. I am happy to be wrong on this one. The fans and supporters of Northern Illinois are issuing their own responses to ESPN’s reaction, as you might expect.

Jordan Lynch apparently threw an orange at a TV. This gas station delievers another message to ESPN…

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