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Western Michigan helmets take a page from Boise State

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. If that is to be the case, then someone at Western Michigan is a big fan of Boise State. At least, somebody is a fan of their helmets.

Western Michigan shared some images of their new football helmets for the 2013 season, and you may be quick to notice a striking resemblance to the domes worn by the Boise State Broncos, with an enlarged steed on one side of the helmet and a uniform number on the other. While the creativity is clearly lacking with the Western Michigan helmet design, it is still a solid concept that seems to work well for the… uh, Broncos. How long until the Denver Broncos catch up to this helmet design? With Nike in charge, it should not be a surprise to see something like it at some point, right?

2013 helmets - facing

More images of the Western Michigan helmets after the jump…

2013 helmet - with uniform

2013 helmet - top

2013 helmet - from below

Western Michigan had some fun with their look last season, and I can only imagine that at some point we will see this helmet design be given a different color scheme. Perhaps a black helmet with a golden bronco logo and numbering? While black as an alternate look may not be my cup o tea, I would be curious to see how it looks before casting any further judgement. For now, well done Western Michigan, even if you did copy off the Boise State helmets. But hey, Western Michigan certainly was not the first to commit such a uniform crime.

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Helmet sticker to Western Michigan Athletics for the photos.

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Not true. Different Broncos. The Bronco head is a blow-up of the old Western Michigan Bronco, not yours. The colors are brown and Western gold and numbers will be on the other side. Since all horses look alike, I suppose we should change our mascot? You may want Boise St. to be the gatekeepers of any changes to college horse/bronco logos. But Western has been the Broncos since 1939 and was founded on the site of a former horse farm in 1903..........60 years before Boise St. started handing-out four-year degrees. Now, while I'm a loyal Western Michigan alumnus, ironically, I'm not a great fan of horses heads on helmets. Both logos stink!  They remind me of that scene from the Godfather. Full horse = full horsepower. Still, if Western's new coach, P. J. Fleck, delivers on the football field, I don't care. Western doesn't have the football pedegree of Boise St. but has beaten Iowa (twice), Wisconsin, Illinois and Virginia in my lifetime. It's going to fight-off FCS relegration as the BCS tries to break-away and become a big-money club. Western will go independent, if necessary. Sound familiar? Oh, and Western is ranked #6 in hockey, having beaten Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame this season. They have a chance to be national champions.