First look at Texas Tech’s white football helmet

As we get closer and closer to National Signing Day (February 6) we are getting more and more looks at supposed new helmets for the 2013 college football season. We recently got a glimpse of Western Michigan’s new Boise State inspired helmets. Now it looks as though Texas Tech, known for their black and red look over the years, will adopt white as an alternate color.

A recent photo, which appears to have leaked from a recruiting trip and was shared by the Reddit community, shows a pair of texas Tech helmets. The black helmet gets a minor update with a red stripe. But of course the eye-catcher here is the white helmet, featuring a similar red stripe down the middle of the helmet with the standard Texas Tech logo on the side.

Texas Tech showed off some new helmets, including a white version.
Texas Tech showed off some new helmets, including a white version.

As far as I know these helmets have not been confirmed for official use, but it is likely we can expect to see the Red Raiders take the field at least once this season trying to play the role of the good guys wearing white helmets (and we can only assume with a white uniform, perhaps in a road game). Honestly, I cannot imagine a team like Texas Tech wearing a white helmet. Something about it just does not sit well with me.

But Texas Tech is not recruiting me, so whatever works for you Coach Kingsbury!

What do you think about the Texas Tech white helmet?

Helmet sticker to the Reddit community.

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