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Brace yourself, new Wake Forest helmets on the way?

Wake Forest recently shared a sneak peak at some potential helmets we might see during the 2013 season, and as you might expect they are adopting an all-black helmet and a white alternate helmet to go with their typical black helmet with gold “WF” logo on the side. Don’t be fooled by this white helmet though…

I have grown kind to the use of a white alternate helmet. In this case I am not completely sold on it, but I like the concept enough to consider liking it. A white helmet, complete with white face mask with the “WF” logo on the side outlined in gold. I would prefer to see Wake Forest experiment with a gold chrome helmet instead of a white helmet, but I’ll be curious to see how it looks with the road uniforms at some point.

But wait… this helmet is actually one of the worst helmets in existence…

Yes, on the other side of this visually appealing helmet is the demonic grin of the Demon Deacon himself, plastered on the right side of the helmet and blown up to intimidate the opposition. For now I will place the blame on Virginia Tech for this ridiculous concept, because that is what Wake Forest is attempting to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the Wake Forest mascot and all, but he has no place on the helmet if you want me to take Wake Forest football seriously.

Of course, as usual, these uniforms and helmets are not being designed for me. They are to attract recruits. If kids get fooled in to thinking that this looks cool, that is on them. Of course, they will also be going to Wake Forest so I admit they probably now more than me on some level.

The one helmet I do sort of like is this all-black version, which is similar to the standard helmet. Here we see what appears to be a matte black finish with a black “WF” logo. I don’t really like the black on black look here. I would prefer to see a matte black finish with the standard “WF” filled entirely in gold as it usually is or perhaps with an outline colored in gold.

When it comes to all-black, the general rule of thumb here is it is a violation unless a school adopts black as an official color. In this case, Wake Forest is allowed to utilize the look, as if they need my permission. Still, I think it needs a little work. At least it is better than the white helmet seen above.

What do you think about these Wake Forest helmets? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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