Western Kentucky adding a new (chrome reflective?) helmet in 2013

Just another reason to embrace social media. Bobby Petrino, the new head coach at Western Kentucky, just tweeted a photo of a new Western Kentucky helmet, and it is stunning.

What do I think coach? I love it.

Judging just by this photo (view larger image), it looks as though the Hilltoppers will be wearing a reflective chrome helmet with red stripe and face mask, along with the unique hand-towel logo on the side. At this exact moment I have no idea if this is a permanent helmet replacement or a special alternate helmet. I do, however, know that I am giving it two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Will there be a new uniform that goes with this helmet, specifically? We will just have to follow Coach Petrino on Twitter to find out.

Now, what do you think about the new helmet?