UConn’s new helmets aren’t scaring anybody

Poor UConn. First you get left out of the realignment circus, never to receive an invite from the coveted ACC. Meanwhile you see conference rivals Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Louisville all get invites to bigger and better conferences, leaving you with Temple, after you were also abandoned by the rest of your main basketball rivals from Villanova, St. John’s and Georgetown and more.

With being left behind in so many ways, it makes sense you would want to rebrand your school and athletics program right now. In fact, I applaud the decision to give it a shot. And when I got a chance to review your new football uniforms I was ready to give you a thumbs up for an updated look that remains respectably clean and keeps from being an eye sore.

Then I saw the helmets…

Photo via UConn Athletics

Photo via UConn Athletics

Really UConn, what was the idea behind this? To be different? OK. I get that. You want to line up against your opponents and have them staring right in to the eyes of your husky. The only problem is, it is so silly looking that all of your football players are going to look like a joke now. You may not quite be up to Maryland state pride levels of ridiculousness but you are pretty close with these new helmets.

But hey, you found a way to get us all talking about UConn football on April 18 and that must mean something, right? After all, that is the only possible reason somebody could have thought this was a good idea. Just admit to that, nobody is going to be fooled if you suggest otherwise.

The helmet comes in a white version as well. Check them out, side-by-side.

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