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Episode 138 – It’s college football preview magazine time!

The next time you happen to be in the grocery store or anywhere else with a magazine rack to browse and skim, do yourself a favor and make sure to walk by the magazine rack. You should start seeing the annual preseason college football magazines start to fill the rack. If that does not get you excited, then what will?

2013 Athlon SportsI have always been a fan of these preseason magazines. There have been years when I would buy the national addition from each magazine publisher. As someone who covers college football today I find myself even more interested in the magazines, and they actually have become a nice easy reference guide at times. Naturally, I have been curious about the process of putting these all together, especially in an age where we not only get national editions but numerous conference or region-specific editions to provide a little bit more information. I am sure there are some junkies out there who buy all of the national and available region editions. If that describes you, I admire your devotion.

But how do these magazines continue to put together a quality product year-in and year-out when faced with increasing competition sources from the Internet? More importantly, how does a business built on a foundation in print media adapt to the latest digital trends and options?

To walk us through a bit of the magazine production process I was joined by Steven Lassan from Athlon Sports. Lassan is the college football editor at Athlon Sports and and has been kind enough to invite me to participate from time to time with their ongoing round table discussions with staff members. In addition to getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the magazine business, we also touch on a couple nuggets from the past couple of weeks in college football, with quick takes on Brady Hoke calling out Notre Dame and Bob Stoops saying the SEC is over-hyped. For good measure I threw in a Mack Brown question.

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