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BYU Media Day: Kyle Van Noy defends blundering Miss Utah

If you do not recognize the name Marissa Powell by name, the odds are pretty good you know who she is. Powell is Miss Utah and she recently had an unfortunate moment of fame (infamy?) in a Miss USA pageant reminiscent of Miss South Carolina’s  awkward response years ago. Powell stumbled when answering a question about about equality in work wages. Surely you have seen the video or heard the audio by now.

As it turns out, BYU star linebacker Kyle Van Noy is a friend of Powell’s and he says the reaction to her unfortunate moment in the spotlight is a reason he stays away from social media.

“She has been a very big influence in my life and I was able to be there for her in a time of need,” Van Noy said in an interview according to Deseret News during BYU’s eventful media day. “That’s kind of why I got off social media because of the criticism she took and not being able to stick up for her.”

Powell was the target of plenty of ridicule, which happens to be a common trend when someone in a national spotlight gets caught like a deer in headlights. Surely Powell would like to have that moment back and I would like to believe she truly is more intelligent to offer a better response. For whatever reason during the pageant, that question caught Powell off guard and she could not recover. It was unfortunate to say the least. Van Noy knows Powell better than just about anyone who would point and laugh and make his friend the subject of jokes over the past couple of weeks.

“When you see a friend you know very well and you know she is a 4.0 student and you know she is one of the smarter than smart and you see her fumble like that on a national scale was hard,” the BYU linebacker said. “I think she has had more supporters now than people who have criticized her.”

I am sure that is the case and hopefully Powell has reached a point where she can at least laugh about the situation. Sure, I laughed and rolled my eyes when I initially heard her response, and perhaps I even had some concern for the state of this country’s education system, but I am not about to write Powell off as  a bimbo.

“She will be happy in the end,” Van Noy said. “She is awesome. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter, nicer, more genuine girl.”

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