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Football Friday Mailbag: Unbeaten Ohio State, preseason college football, Charlie Brown kicking field goals and the best classic Mega Man weapon for a QB

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With just under two weeks to go until the first games are in the books and two more Saturdays keeping us from our favorite fall traditions, I can feel the excitement buzzing. Last week I introduced the new Football Friday Mailbag and we had some good questions come in to discuss. This week the mailbag is back with some questions I really enjoyed seeing. As it turned out though, some of my favorite questions I felt appealed to my longtime hobbies and passions away from football, which tell me somebody out there knows me a little better than I had suspected. Unfortunately, those questions were dropped anonymously through Ask.FM, so I have no idea who you are. Regardless, I enjoyed them, so please keep them coming as well to lighten things up.

Let”s start with some actual football though, shall we?

Ohio State was undefeated last season. Who owns the longest active winning streak in college football, if it is not the Buckeyes? When do you think Ohio State”s streak will end?

Your suspicion is correct Buckeye fan. Ohio State has won 12 straight games, which makes them owners of college football”s longest current active winning streak. As I have said before, I am very optimistic about Ohio State”s chances of running the table in the regular season and perhaps even going 13-0 with a Big Ten Championship Game victory to advance to the BCS Championship Game. If you are looking for the spots where Ohio State could be tripped up, take a look at four games.

Ohio State travels to California on September 14. Big Ten teams on the west coast have a poor track record, but the game will kick off in prime time so any difference in time may not be quite as much a factor as it could be. Either way, Ohio State has a clear talent advantage over Cal and should be a solid favorite. Still, something about Cal intrigues me as Sonny Dykes takes over and looks to create an offense. How much of that system will be in place early on? While Wisconsin at home could be tough, I”m chalking up a victory for the Buckeyes. It is the next game that is a potential trap. After hosting the Badgers, Ohio State visits Northwestern (I like them, don”t love them) and the Wildcats come off a bye week. Northwestern can play with anyone in the Big Ten, I believe, and with an extra week to prepare I expect Pat Fitzgerald will have his “Cats ready to go.

In the second half of the year there are two more road games to watch. Ohio State visits Purdue on November 2, and the Boilermakers always seem to give the Buckeyes a hard time. Ohio State will be coming off a home game against Penn State and Purdue will be coming off a bye week, like Northwestern. Oh, and Purdue”s head coach is Daryll Hazell, someone who surely knows all about Ohio State. then there is the regular season finale against Michigan. The Wolverines get the homefield advantage and should be a more balanced team in 2013. The Wolverines may actually have the best chance to ruin Ohio State”s undefeated run, and perhaps their shot at one last BCS Championship. But I”m on record of calling for an Ohio State victory, so I The online games are available in English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Austrian languages. will stand by that for now.

That leaves Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship Game or Alabama in the BCS Championship. Nebraska, on the right day, could edge Ohio State I believe. But if it gets to Alabama, that may be the end of the line for an undefeated start to Urban Meyer”s Buckeye career.

Will Charlie Brown ever kick the football?

Charlie Brown footballFor those not real familiar with the Peanuts franchise, Charlie Brown is notorious for his constant failures in life. From halloween costumes and getting rocks when trick or treating, flying kits in to trees, to never getting any mail, to picking out a Christmas tree, Charlie Brown always seems to come up small. This extends to the sports world as well. Charlie Brown manages baseball”s worst team in the history of the game, although they have won one game, and he always misses kicking a football being held by the devious Lucy. He falls for the trick every time.

But he has kicked the football once in his life, catching Lucy off guard after Snoopy cast a magic spell on good “ole Charlie Brown, making him temporarily invisible while Snoopy tries to figure out how to make his owner visible again. In the special “It”s Magic, Charlie Brown,” Snoopy puts on a magic show and casts a spell on his owner, Charlie Brown. The great disappearing act sees Chuck forced to volunteer for the trick, but before the dog can finish the trick it begins to rain, sending everyone scrambling for home and leaving Charlie Brown invisible. While time goes by and Snoopy attempts to master the spell to make Charlie Brown visible again, America”s favorite loser walks about and sees Lucy playing with the football, practicing her holding techniques.

Fast forward to the 8:00 mark in his video to see…

Knowing it is not allowed, should there be a preseason in college football?

I have debated this topic with myself for a long time now, and honestly I”m not really sure it would be too beneficial at the college level to have a preseason. The offseason for college and the pros are too different to really compare. The NFL involves much stricter roster management requirements and limits with a 53-man roster. College teams generally have anywhere between 30 and

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50 more players to work with, so evaluating players to trim down rosters is not needed in the college game to the extent it is in the NFL.

There could be a benefit to a preseason model in college if the idea is to give incoming freshmen more of a chance to compete for starting jobs, but how often do freshmen make the kind of instant impact the way some rookies might in the NFL? If a freshman is good enough to play right away, they will. Also, college football places more emphasis on spring football than the NFL does. I have endorsed the idea of competing against other programs in the spring and still would be in favor of teams exploring that option if allowed. So what about doing so leading up to the start of the season?

Would this trim down on programs scheduling cupcakes as often? What if the NCAA allowed for one or two organized scrimmages with light contact just before the start of the season? What about doing so against smaller programs within the same state? It happens in basketball all the time, so why not football? IUP vs. Pittsburgh? Grand Valley State against Michigan State? Youngstown State against Ohio State?

I”m in to the idea, but do not think it is necessary or one that would ever be endorsed by schools.

When is the next podcast?

Check back next week. Hope to have something before heading to the shore for an early weekend getaway. Thanks for listening.

Mega Man is your quarterback for one game. Which classic Mega Man robot boss”s weapon do you use in the clutch?

Flash ManAn excellent question. To me there is only one option and it comes from Mega Man 2. The easy answer might be to say the metal blade would be the best weapon to have, because it can do so much damage and never drains your energy in the process. However, I”m not looking for my quarterback to go on a murderous rampage tossing saw blades every which way imaginable. Instead I want my quarterback to see everything develop and have time to react. And what better way to have more time than by freezing it and moving about freely?

Flash Man had one of the more underrated theme songs in the Mega Man franchise and his weapon, the Flash Stopper, was almost a requirement to defeat Quick Man. Flash Man”s attack would freeze the opponent for a limited amount of time, leaving his prey open for free shots until the meter expired. I”m going to equip my quarterback with this ability sparingly, and hope to have the majority of it available in the late game situations.


Thanks for reading the first installment of my mailbag. This will be a regular post every Friday from now through the end of the college football season. Feel free to send me your questions at any time on Twitter andAsk.FM. You can also use the contact page to email your questions. We will focus on college football but can have some fun with this as well. Other topics of interest may include the NFL, old NES trivia and other 90′s nostalgia and whatever else comes to mind.

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