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Early look at 2014 Indiana football helmets?

Indiana introduced a handful of new football helmets last season. Some were pretty sweet, while others were not quite so impressive. Regardless of what you thought about Indiana’s helmets last year, you might be wondering just what they have in the works for 2014, right? Your question may have been answered with a potentially early look courtesy of Indiana’s Cody Lattimer.

The now former Hoosier wide receiver shared a couple of photo collages on his Instagram page.

There is a lot to discuss here, but I will be brief with my thoughts for now simply because we do not know if any of these will turn out to be official just yet.

First, I want to like the matte crimson helmet — I really do — but slapping the black Indiana logo on the side gets a negative reaction from me. As a refresher, my rule when it comes to black in a uniform is that unless black is an official school color, then it has not business being on your school uniform. I understand it is a trendy color, but this helmet would look much better with the standard white logo on the side with the matte crimson in my book.

The other two helmets that should spark conversation will be the pink helmet and the reflective chrome helmet. Let’s get the pink one out of the way first.

Supposing this will be worn we already can safely assume it will be for a breast cancer awareness game or promotion. While not a fan of programs capitalizing on brand awareness by taking advantage of social networking and social buzz through breast cancer awareness, I tend to give it a pass if money raised by auctioning off the game-worn gear is donated to the cause. I will stand by that stance for some time, so therefore I am not going to rip a pink Indiana helmet at this time. Now, if they happened to wear it on October 11 (during Breast Cancer Awareness month, of course) at Iowa, where visitors are treated to a pink locker room, Indiana gets some bonus points from me.

The helmet I think I like the best out of those in the images is the reflective chrome helmets. I have been on record saying reflective chrome just about always works, and that appears to be the case here. The shiny helmet is given a crimson stripe and logo in addition to a crimson facemask, and it seems to work very well. If there is one helmet in this bunch I want to see become a reality, it is this one. But if they wear those helmets on the road against Rutgers, all fans attending the game may want to bring sunglasses if the Scarlet Knights wear their awesome chrome helmets.

The helmet that does have the white logo on the side could be on a good path, although I need to see what else is going on with the other side of the helmet because that white stripe design looks funky down the middle. Still, there is potential here. I am not sure I can say the same about the white helmet with the red stripes, but without seeing the front it is unfair to judge entirely for now.

The helmet that slaps the logo front and center on the helmet is nothing short of cheesy. It takes a page from the UConn helmet playbook that should have been filed in the round filing cabinet immediately upon publishing. Second, the logo could afford to mix in some substance to the diet. It is too thin.

The back of the helmet that appears to have striped flags coming point to point could have potential, although who knows if it matches any of the helmets displayed above.

Helmet sticker to Lost Lettermen.

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