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Iowa State’s matte helmet is awesome

Photo credit: @CycloneUniforms

I love football helmets with a matte-finish, so it brings me great pleasure to see Iowa State use it on their helmets this upcoming season. It is pretty hard to mess up a matte finish on a football helmet, and there is just something about Iowa State’s overall look that screams for a matte finish on the dome. Check it out…

How awesome is that? The colors of Iowa State seem to make for a great matte finish. There must be something about that shade of red that makes it look so smooth. The logo decal stands out on the dull finish, which is nice as well, although I think it would be pretty cool to see the logo match the matte finish. But I am not complaining here. Iowa State’s helmet looks good.

Here is a look at the back of the Iowa State helmet, featuring the brand new, updated Big 12 logo…

I do not know if this is a permanent helmet change or if this will be used occasionally throughout the season, but I would love to see Iowa State stick to this helmet all season long. There is no reason to wear anything else, Cyclones.

I’m convinced more teams should use a matte finish on the helmets.

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