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Penn Quakers think they are “Oregon of the Ivy League”

Penn Football Uniforms

Today I heard a phrase I am not sure I ever thought I would hear.

“We’re like the Oregon of the Ivy League in a sense,” was the phrase used by Pennsylvania running backs coach Steven Downs in a video to promote Penn’s new football attire for the 2014 season. No, the Quakers are not going into full Oregon mode, but this is probably enough of a culture shock for the traditional Ivy League.

Penn will have four uniforms to work with this fall, with a home red and home blue to choose from, a white road uniform and the alternate gray uniform, complete with red and blue shoulder stripes. It sure feels like a vintage feel for the Quakers, and the team certainly looks excited about it.

I tend to hold back my enthusiasm about an al-gray uniform, but there is something about the look for Penn that just feels right. Perhaps it is the tradition of the Ivy League and paying homage to the uniforms of yesteryear combining for a new, updated look that does not feel overly forced. It is not as though Penn changed their helmet to a gray or white alternate (or black). The Quakers are still wearing the blue helmet, which is pretty great. Now, if Penn wanted to mix in a matte finish helmet, I would be OK with that as well.

The blue numbers are actually outlined in red and white, which helps the numbers stand out on the gray uniform. I think it would be better if the uniform had “PENN” across the front in a similar color scheme as the numbers, or just white outlined in blue or red, because “Pennsylvania” is just too long to print across the front of a uniform. Of course, it could be more awkward I suppose.

I am inclined to give the Quakers a thumbs up with the new uniforms.

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