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No 2-Minute Warning Podcast is now on iHeart Radio

Today I am pleased to inform you the No 2-Minute Warning podcast is now available for listening via iHeart Radio. Click that link, then click the heart button to add the show to your favorites on iHeart Radio.

Most of you are probably aware of what iHeart Radio is. The free service allows you to listen to many of your favorite radio stations and streaming music on your computer or mobile device. The service offers a music catalog of over 15 million songs absolutely free. Many of you may listen to something on iHeart Radio while at work. The service also allows you to customize your stations to your liking. Here’s to hoping you can find some room in your custom stations for the podcast.

I want to continue offering the podcast to as many potential listeners as possible, which is why I make an effort to syndicate the podcast in as many ways as possible. Everybody out there listens to music, radio and podcasts in a different way, and I will do my best to make this podcast available to you no matter how you prefer or choose to listen. Here are the other ways you can check out the No 2-Minute Warning Podcast;

  • iTunes: Still the most popular way to get the latest episodes as soon as possible (other than directly on the site). After you listen to The Solid Verbal and Serial, give my podcast a try. If you like it, please consider subscribing, rating and reviewing for iTunes.
  • Stitcher: Stitcher was the first on-demand radio service to make the podcast available. If you use Stitcher on your computer or mobile device or even in your car, check out the podcast. Like iTunes, if you like it I kindly ask for your support through a quick star ranking to help promote the show.
  • Spreaker: This football season I started uploading new episodes of the podcast to Spreaker, another outlet for audio creators to share their work with fans. It is used mostly by musicians, but there are a number of podcasters on the service as well. It is through Spreaker I have been able to develop a few new ways to expand the show’s reach. Among them was the ability to syndicate the show on iHeart Radio. If you are familiar with Spreaker, feel free to follow the show that way as well.
  • YouTube: If listening to podcasts through YouTube without any visual stimulation is something you fancy, you can do that too. All new episodes uploaded to Spreaker are automatically added to YouTube. I have a playlist just for those videos, if you prefer.
  • iHeart Radio: If you are listening to iHeart Radio and want to get a college football fix, add No 2-Minute Warning to your custom station. Click that heart button to add it to your favorites.

Moving forward I am always looking for new ways to expand the reach of the podcast. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I appreciate all of the support you have shown the podcast over the years. Without it, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

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